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Marilyn M Kerr, LPC, NCC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Board Certified Counselor.  Drawing upon more than 13 years experience as both a mental health and elementary / alternative school counselor, she has worked extensively with:

  • Administering / assessing 11 psychological tests
  • At-risk children and teens
  • Community resourcing
  • Diverse populations:  African-American, Asian, and Hispanic
  • Drug, alcohol and violence prevention and treatment
  • Hurricane Katrina victims
  • On-call suicide intervention with teens
  • Peer mediation

Diverse techniques are used to meet therapeutic needs for conflict resolution, family psychotherapy, abuse, suicide-intervention and grief recovery. Marilyn’s goal is to help people realize their potential.  With skills learned from her undergraduate degree  in Dance / Theatre Arts from University of CA Irvine, she uses creative movement as a diagnostic, integrative and therapeutic technique to address the emotional needs of children. Marilyn holds a Masters in School Counseling and an Education Specialist in Counseling from Mississippi College.